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6th grade band Classes

The Argyle Sixth Grade Center is the only campus that offers beginner band classes. If your students have any interest in joining band, sixth grade is the only time to do it!

Beginner Band

The Beginner Band is the first step in the journey as a member of the Argyle Middle School Band.  Students in the Beginner Band will enjoy instrument specific classes where they can learn to play their chosen instrument in a small-group setting.  Students will learn how to properly assemble, hold, and play their instrument in a fun and progressive course designed to teach all of the skills necessary to perform concerts for your family and friends!


The Beginner Band will perform several concerts throughout the first year, as well as travel to the Beach Within Reach Band Festival to compete against bands from around the state. The Beginner Band is primarily made up of 6th grade students, but special consideration can be made on a case-by-case basis for older students interested in joining band.

Supplemental private lessons are available and are recommended by the directors. You can find information about each of the different instruments by clicking HERE!

The beginner band has many best in class trophies from the Sandy Lake Band competition, and in 2021, the Beginner Band won Best in Class at the North Texas Festival of Distinction contest.

Like-instrument classes

One of the biggest contributing factors to the success of our band program is the like-instrument classes your students will get to be in for beginner band. What that means is, all Clarinet players will meet in a clarinet-specific class to develop their skills on that instrument before they move to 7th grade and get to be in a full band class!

All students will get to participate in all of the concerts and social events and we often combine classes to teach skills, theory lessons, or rhythm lessons to all of them together so your students will still see all of their friends who play different instruments!

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